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Service for the approval of a medical degree in Spain

Service for the approval of a medical degree in Spain

From, we offer the homologation service of medical degrees in Spain to prepare the Residence. We discuss the advantages of hiring this service with us.

What are the advantages of hiring the homologation service of medical degree in Spain with

Transparency and information about your procedure.
Review of the information you provide -> we will review all the documentation you send us to avoid delays in your approval file. Time is money, and therefore, an expert review will avoid delays for you.
We will be your contact in Spain -> the most important thing in the process is to have a contact person or postal address in Spain to send notifications or requirements. Remember that if they send you any notification or requirement that information is missing, it may take a month or more to arrive (with the risk that it never arrives). Therefore, with us, the information will arrive much earlier and we will inform you immediately. You will win in tranquility.
Go in person to the Ministry. If necessary, with the powers of attorney we will have to ask you, we can go to the Ministry and ask specifically about the status of your request.
A recognized brand throughout Spain will watch over you.
Viability and estimated times.

What does the homologation service for medical degrees in Spain include?

The services included in the processing of a file for approval, equivalence and / or professional recognition of a foreign degree before the Spanish Ministry of Education (MECD) would be the following:

General information about the procedure.
We provide detailed information of the documentation, application and fees necessary for the completion of the procedure
Estimated Terms
Possible results of the resolution by the Administration, and finally, in case of not obtaining a resolution, according to your interests, we inform you about the resources that can be brought.
Previous analysis of the feasibility of the procedure.
We analyze in advance, the possibilities of obtaining approval, equivalence and / or recognition based on the degree and information provided by the interested party,
We advise on the process to start more in line with your degree in order to obtain the best possible results for each specific case.
Management and processing of the procedure before the Ministry of Education:
Review of the documentation received
Registration in MECD Electronic Headquarters
Preparation, payment and presentation of the fee, if necessary
Preparation and submission of the application to the MECD
Presentation of the aforementioned documentation before the MECD
Monitoring, constant communication and personalized address of the file until obtaining the resolution
If necessary, submission of claims and complaints to the MECD
Preparation of the corresponding Allegations after receiving the ANECA Report
In the case of not obtaining a result according to their interests, the corresponding resource is included in the administrative field.
Note: In the event that the interested party had already initiated the procedure before, the work of would include a feasibility analysis of the file, personalized address of the file and the formulation of the corresponding allegations or resources, for the reconduction of the procedure .

What does NOT include the service of homologation of medical degree in Spain?

We cannot influence the processing time. That is, the approval procedure takes its course and the times are what they are, since it depends on the Ministry of Education. Of course, with us you will have the tranquility and experience that supports us in this type of services.
Remember that you can request the approval service yourself -> Homologation information, but with us, you will be in the hands of professionals and you will gain peace of mind. If you need more information or want us to help you, write to with your case, and we will indicate the steps to follow.

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